RADAR TECHNOLOGIES is one of the reputed training institutes for PHP Training in Chennai, providing in-depth training on PHP and MySQL database. PHP is one of the most powerful programming languages designed for web development involving complex functionalities for the dynamic web application like discussion forums, business portals, e-commerce site etc.

Though PHP is primarily used to create web applications, PHP can be used to create desktop applications as well. Applications built on PHP run on the Web server like Apache, but PHP can be modified to run on Microsoft IIS server too.

As PHP is an open source, it is very popular than other web designing technologies like ASP and JSP. There are more opportunities for PHP programmers than any other programming languages in the market. The database used with PHP is MYSQL – which is also an open source which is an added advantage. PHP’s simple programming style enables anyone with basic programming knowledge to learn and move to endless opportunities available with CMS tools like Joomla, WordPress and frameworks like CakePHP, Magento and Smarty. Because of the powerful features, cost and friendliness of PHP, it has become the number one choice for web application developers.

At RADAR TECHNOLOGIES, we have well-experienced trainers from various MNC’s who will guide and provide you a 100% quality training in PHP.


Our basic php syllabus for beginners starts with following area. Basic level PHP syllabus for beginners included with basic training on HTML, CSS, Java Script etc.


  • Introduction to PHP
  • Handling Html Form with PHP
  • Decisions and loop
  • Function
  • String
  • Array
  • Working with file and Directories
  • State management
  • String matching with regular expression
  • Database Connectivity with MySql