Mobile App Development

At Radar Technologies, mobile app development company, we follow the mobile application guidelines to develop awesome applications for our clients. Combining the breadth of mobile app capabilities and our developers’ technical skill, it is always an advantage for our clientele to choose our mobile app development service. Overall, our intuitive design team and more radiant mobile app developers make advanced mobile apps through best of mobile application development techniques.

Android App Development

There are more than 1.2 Million Android Apps available in Google Play and near to 30 Thousand Apps added all month. With android emerging as market leaders in mobile platform, it becomes indispensable to have your App in Android than on iOS. The hardware which runs Android is easily available to users in broad ranges which makes them a most reachable platform to use for your startup ideas or for your business/brand.

Android is a preferred platform for majority businesses/brands because of the availability of cheap devices and the easy way to install apps into devices. Many restaurants, retail outlets, factories, warehouses, hospitals have started using android apps for their in house management purposes.

At Radar Technologies - Velachery Chennai, we have an excellent Android app development team along with a creative UI team which understands the approach of how mobile apps are expected and developed these days. We furthermore have a technical head who is in pursuit of technology and analyzing the latest trends in app world. Since we are a mobile app development company we have experts who assist our mobile developers in establishing web service to apps which require data to be fetched and stored remotely. This is useful when integrating existing web applications and managing huge volumes of data. Any web application can be integrated into mobile apps using web service.

IOS App Development

Flourishings apps is a multi-tiered process, off-setting with picking up the right design platform and programming language and ending with a user-friendly native app with our wepop developers are highly knack in it. We acquire lead of diverse frameworks provided by Apple Inc, for the materialize of a third-party application to provide our client with radicle and efficient solution to their needs. Engaging wepop for confronting your iPhone app development exigence translates to colossal value for your business.We rivet on ideate the flawless strategy that will help to deliver the best ideal app. Our meticulous helps you to stand out in the app market.